mardi 11 novembre 2008

Tsuge Yoshiharu, Gensenkan Shujin (pt3)

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kittenpatriot a dit…

Hey, this is very interesting. ^^
(found you through your comment on Same Hat by the way).
My French is pretty bad, but I'll do my best.. it's probably good practice too.
Anyway, nice work!

yOurname a dit…

Haha thanks, It's a good practice for my japanese too.
Tsuge is actually alegend and great influence for people like Maruo for exemple, so if yu don't know him already, try to find "Neji shiki" (or "Screw style"), his only work translated in english and maybe his best.
mata !

Olde Hag a dit…

Olivier, it's Beth. I was just going to recommend that you tell the boys at 'same hat' about your scanlations. : )

love love!

Olde Hag a dit…
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kittenpatriot a dit…

Oh, so this is by the guy who did Screw Style too? Haha, no wonder it looked familier.
When the guy was thinking he had been to the town before, I was thinking "haven't I read something like this before?" XD
Awesome! Yes, he is very good.

yOurname a dit…

It's updated.
Kittenpatriot : well it looks like you understand french !
old beth :
hugs hugs ! :)